Like A Local

Impress The Locals With Your Spanish

Forget about old fashioned and boring lessons. We have different tools to guarantee that you enjoy learning Spanish you can actually use. 

¿Qué Más Pues?

To The Point

You will understand Spanish grammar so that you will be able to build your own sentences and speak more naturally.

Feel Like A Local

You will have true Spanish immersion through getting to know Colombian Spanish and culture to feel like a local. 

The Real Spanish

You will learn Spanish including informal phrases and expressions to speak like and understand native Spanish speakers.

What We Do

Get To The Point – Video Course

Build your confidence by having strong foundations understanding what you are doing, therefore you will become fluent faster.

22 well structured video lessons (+7 hours) to learn basic concepts and move forward to more complex concepts.

More than 145 fun interactive activities to embrace your fears, by allowing yourself to make mistakes.

Get To The Point – Spanish Ebook

This is not your average Spanish ebook. You will learn with an unique method created by Violeta Bernal, you will practice with fun exercises, and will also learn interesting facts about Colombian culture.

Just download the kindle app on your device and you are set !

Social Spanish Youtube

Here you will learn Spanish you can really use, for free. Make sure to subscribe to not miss the latest videos. Violeta talks about the most important things you have to know, while also showing you how to avoid embarrassing mistakes.

Online Spanish Lessons

Learn 1-on-1 with our Spanish teacher on how to talk like a native. There is no better way to learn Spanish than having an experienced teacher guiding you through the process. Forget about boring classrooms and learn real Spanish now.

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Daniel Wolfe

If you want to learn Spanish in a relaxed environment with a native speaker who is an experienced teacher, patient, funny, intelligent, passionate and relentlessly interested in a variety of subjects: Violeta is the teacher for you! I learned some Spanish 20 years ago in school but was stuck at a basic level even though I made efforts to use what I knew when I had the opportunity. Taking online classes from her through Zoom is almost like being there in person. She evaluates your knowledge and customizes her approach based on your needs and interests. I am continually amazed at her professionalism, patience and the quality of the tools she uses to teach. She is helping me re-enforce the foundation I already have and helping me move in a logical progression towards fluency. She has an e-book available for a very good price. You can find a link at her website . Check out her many free YouTube videos and keep checking back at her website because she has big plans in store for taking your learning to the next level! I have been studying with her for two months and have nothing but the highest praise. Don’t get stuck at a beginner level of Spanish. Become fluent so you can enjoy the life to the fullest! Your adventure is waiting for you!

Don Mouton

Violet has been my Spanish tutor for a few months and I am very impressed with her. She is always punctual, efficient and patient with me. Her lessons are extremely well-organized and tailored to my needs. I highly recommend Violet as a Spanish tutor.

Peter Gazzard

I am not good at learning languages. When I started with Violeta, she first explained the pronunciation of the letters. This was a great help as I had a whole lot of things wrong. No wonder people didn’t understand me. I looked forward everyday to attending her course; I highly recommended her as a teacher.

Test Your Spanish Now!

Take The Free Quiz – Get Your Score Now