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Get to the Point!

is for you if...

🟡 The only Spanish words you know are “taco” and “tequila”.

🟡 You have studied Spanish before and you still sound like a parrot or a robot.

🟡 You are a busy person and you barely have time to grab a café (coffee).

🟡 You have realized learning a language as a child is not possible because they are fearless, but you as an adult have to build your confidence.

🟡 You don’t want to memorize plenty of irregular verbs and each of its conjugations because that’s the way they are normally taught.

🟡 You don’t want to have broken Spanish and speak like a pendejo (stupid person).

🟡 You have been tricked by apps to believe you have a good Spanish level but you can’t speak it.

🟡 You wish you could understand what Shakira and Karol G say in their songs. 

what you will achieve


GET TO THE POINT! Survival Spanish is a short course perfect for anyone planning to travel to a Spanish speaking country. Perfect for total beginners this course provides you with the vocabulary and expressions you will need in holiday related situations.

Lesson 1 – At the airport
Lesson 2 – Taking taxis
Lesson 3 – At the hotel
Lesson 4 – Ordering at cafes & restaurants
Lesson 5 – Shopping & sightseeing
Lesson 6 – Getting medical attention
Lesson 7 – Greetings & making friends


GET TO THE POINT! Level 1 is a an introduction to the Spanish language, perfect for absolute beginners or those who have studied a little Spanish but need a refresher. The course covers the same topics as 4 weeks in an intensive Spanish school.  

Lesson 1 – Pronunciation
Lesson 2 – Introducing yourself / greetings / farewells
Lesson 3 – Gender / plural / articles
Lesson 4 – Personal pronouns / infinite
Lesson 5 – Present tense
Lesson 6 – Negative verbs and questions
Lesson 7 to 11 – Irregular verbs
Lesson 12, 13 – Ser vs Estar
Lesson 14 – Present continuous
Lesson 15 – There is / there are
Lesson 16 – Reflexive verbs
Lesson 17 – Verbs like gustar
Lesson 18 – Future with ir
Lesson 19 – Pretérito indefinido / simple (past)
Lesson 20 to 22 – Irregular verbs in indefinido

Example Lessons GTP! - Level 1

a unique method to learn
the irregular verbs

my goal is to help my students to be able to speak faster


GET TO THE POINT! Level 2 continues on from level 1 and is for intermediate level students. The course covers the equivalent of approximately 8 weeks of classes in an intensive Spanish school. 

Lesson 1 to 7 – Imperfecto
Lesson 8, 9 – Tricky verbs in past
Lesson 10 to 12 – Pretérito perfecto
Lesson 13 to 16 – Pretérito pluscuamperfecto
Lesson 17 to 19 – Futuro
Lesson 20, 21 – Futuro perfecto
Lesson 22, 23 – Conditional simple
Lesson 24 – Direct object pronouns
Lesson 25 – Indirect object pronouns
Lesson 26 – Both objects at the same time

Example Lessons GTP! - Level 2


Get to the Point!

- Level 1 -
  • Beginners Course
  • 7 Video lessons
  • Guide for each lesson (pdf)

Get to the Point!

- Level 1 -
$ 359 Lifetime subscription
  • Beginners/Intermediate Course
  • 22 Structured Grammar Lessons
  • 150+ Interactive Activities
  • Coloful Digital Grammar Book with Exercises
  • Bonus #1: 22 Subtitled videos with over 1,700 sentences about daily life situations to practice listening
  • Bonus #2: Exclusive access to 6 Spanish with songs lessons
  • Bonus #3: 205 Printable/online flashcards with the most common regular and irregular verbs and basic vocab for present and past
  • Bonus #4: 100 Printable flashcards to review the verb conjugations for the most common irregular verbs in present and simple past
  • Bonus # 5: 91 Full color printable/online flashcards for basic vocab (colors, vegetables, fruits, food, numbers, clothes, body parts, the weather, figures)
  • Bonus # 6: Printable study tracker
  • Bonus # 7: Printable infinitive review tracker
  • Bonus # 8: Printable verb conjugator sheet
  • Bonus # 9: Support chat

Get to the Point!

- Level 1 & 2 -
$ 199 Lifetime subscription
  • Intermediate/Advanced Course
  • Everything included in Level 1
  • Plus 26 Video lessons for Level 2
Best Value

Get to the Point!

- Level 2 -
$ 199 Lifetime subscription
  • Intermediate/Advanced Course
  • Everything included in Level 1
  • Plus 26 Video lessons for Level 2

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about Violeta bernal

Violeta Bernal Social Spanish
Hola Chicos y Chicas

I’m Violeta Bernal, 30yo from Medellin Colombia.

I had dreams of becoming a dentist but after travelling and learning English abroad I found my passion for languages. I have been teaching Spanish for over 11 years now, and have a successful youtube channel. I’m also the only Colombian teacher to have a Spanish grammar book available on Amazon.

In my free time I can be found exploring local cafes, rollerblading around Medellin or punching a bag at the local boxing studio. 

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Grammar Book

Grammar books are boring. I created this book so you can learn Spanish and practice with fun exercises, whilst learning interesting facts about Colombian culture.

You get the ebook when you buy my video course, but now you can also buy it seperately. Works on the kindle app which you can download on your phone or computer. 

Youtube Channel

My Youtube channel is a fun and playful look at the use of Spanish in everyday adult life. Learn how to avoid embarrassing mistakes and other topics that you won’t learn in many boring Spanish schools. 

It’s totally free so make sure to subscribe so you don’t miss the latest videos. 

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