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“Forget about old fashioned, boring Spanish lessons. With Social Spanish I guarantee that you enjoy learning real-life Spanish, that you can actually use from day one. My classes are fun and interactive”

Violeta Bernal
Accredited Spanish Teacher / Youtuber
Medellin, Colombia.

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Don’t be a parrot that simply rote learns phrases from a book. 

I give my students the tools and confidence to build sentences and start speaking from day one.

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You have a busy life, learn at your own pace. 

My classes are designed so that you can study whenever you have free time. Travelling to work, at a cafe or even on your lunchbreak. 

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Attending a Spanish school is so “old school”.

Online classes are revolutionizing the education industry. Learn Spanish before your Latin American holiday, not once you get there.

violeta bernal

Violeta Bernal Social Spanish
Hola Chicos y Chicas

I’m Violeta Bernal, 30yo from Medellin Colombia.

I had dreams of becoming a dentist but after travelling and learning English abroad I found my passion for languages. I have been teaching Spanish for over 11 years now, and have a successful youtube channel. I’m also the only Colombian teacher to have a Spanish grammar book available on Amazon.

In my free time I can be found exploring local cafes, rollerblading around Medellin or punching a bag at the local boxing studio. 

Social Spanish Class

Grammar Simplified

I teach grammar in a natural & simplified manner. I created my own methodology that encourages you to be able to build your own sentences and speak spanish more naturally from day one.

Violeta Bernal Spanish Teacher

10+ Years Experience

I’m an accredited Spanish teacher and have been teaching Spanish in Medellin long before Narcos made the city famous. My Youtube channel has over 300,000 views and a rapidly growing fanbase. 

Learning Spanish Abroad

Real Life Spanish

I teach conversational Spanish to adults so you’ll also learn informal phrases & expressions. I’ll give you the confidence to speak like a native Spanish speaker in social situations.

other projects

Get To The Point!

Spanish Grammar Book

Grammar books are boring. I created this book so you can learn Spanish and practice with fun exercises, whilst learning interesting facts about Colombian culture.

You get the ebook when you buy my video course, but now you can also buy it seperately. Works on the kindle app which you can download on your phone or computer. 

Social Spanish

YouTube Channel

My Youtube channel is a fun and playful look at the use of Spanish in everyday adult life. Learn how to avoid embarrassing mistakes and other topics that you won’t learn in many boring Spanish schools. 

It’s totally free so make sure to subscribe so you don’t miss the latest videos. 

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