Learn Spanish Free with These 5 Tools

Learn Spanish Free

With these 5 Little Known Tools

Hola chicos, Soy Violeta Bernal, Spanish teacher and youtuber from Medellin, Colombia.

I have been teaching Spanish for over 10 years and today I want to give you my top 5 tools to supplement your classes and learn Spanish free.


TOOL #1 – Spanish Listening


Learn Spanish Free - Spanish Listening
Learn Spanish free with SpanishListening

Spanish listening is a simple website that does exactly what the title suggests, it helps you improve your listening skills.

The website has about 400+ spoken conversations with locals on a wide range of topics ranging from animals, food, culture, travel and technology to name just a few.

You can filter down the conversations by:

    • Topic
    • Level
    • Grammar
    • Country
    • Speaker

For each video you get the following learning components:

Script: For each conversation you get a written script so that you can read as they speak or you can use it to identify any words that you don’t understand from the conversation.

Quiz: After listening to the conversation you can chose to take a quick to test your knowledge.

Vocab: The site gives a summary of the topic specific words and their meaning give you the opportunity to learn new vocabulary.

Speak: This last section contains some verbal questions for you to answer. You can reply aloud but obviously no one is there to correct you if you make a mistake.

What students find very useful is that the conversations give an opportunity to learn from Spanish speakers from 20 different countries. All conversations are very informal with real people, they don’t use professional voice actors or computer generated vocals unlike some other apps for learning Spanish online.

Pros: You get to hear conversations in different accents. There are quizzes to test your comprehension

Cons: the website is a little outdated and doesn’t seem to have been updated recently. Loads of ads which can be distracting.

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TOOL #2 – DEEPL / Linguee


Learn Spanish Free - Linguee
Learn Spanish Free - Linguee 2
Learn Spanish Free - DeepL


Category: Online Dictionary / Translation Service

When you learn Spanish you’ll need to learn a considerable amount of vocabulary and understand full sentences. This is where a good dictionary and translation service comes in. I’m sure you already know Google Translate but let me give you a much better option.

DeepL is a translation website, a direct rival to Google Translate and regarded by many to be the most accurate free automated translation service online.

DeepL stands for “Deep Learning” and the media claims it’s a “technology based on artificial neural networks”. What all that geeky speak simply means is that DeepL learns from real human translated content, so it is able to detect subtle nuances in the text being translated thus providing more accurate translation without sounding like a robot. They claim its 3x more accurate than Google which doesn’t have the same human learning element.

When studying Spanish having access to a dictionary/ translator is a must-have tool and if you want to learn Spanish free online then DeepL is your best option.

If you’re reading some text or talking to a friend in Spanish and not sure how to say something, simply type in the word or phrase in English and like magic DeepL gives you the best way of saying it in Spanish. If you’re reading foreign newspaper online simply cut and paste into DeepL and get the results in English.

But there’s more. Before DeepL started doing online translations they started Linguee an online dictionary. But not just any ordinary dictionary. When you enter in a word into Linguee it not only shows the translation but also some example sentences putting that word into several contexts. This can be really handy when learning a language because often words can have more than one meaning. So by reviewing the examples provided you get a good sense of the different meanings and connotations of each work.

DeepL actually shows you from which website they extracted these example sentences from, thus validating the content they provide.

Pros: Probably the most accurate free translation tool available

Cons: Lot’s of advertising on the page.

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Tool #3 -Lyrics Training


Learn Spanish Free - Lyrics Training

Learn Spanish free with LyricsTraining

LyricsTraining is a free, fun and interactive way to learn Spanish whilst listening to music in Spanish. Its particular focus is on developing your listening skills as well as learning new vocabulary based around music which can be more fun than learning from a book.

It’s pretty easy to get started.

Step 1) Choose Spanish.
Step 2) Choose one of the 30 musical genres; the choice included pop, rock, dance and Latin styles.
Step 3) Select a song
Step 4) Choose whether you prefer multiple choice or want to write the answer
Step 5) Press Play to get started
Step 6) Now listen to the song as the subtitles are presented underneath and fill in the blank when presented. If you can’t guess the word you can always skip forward.

For many students who find it hard to learn lists of vocabulary LyricsTraining helps you learn new words though the power of music. There are some additional options for those who want to subscribe free, but the standard version is fine for most people.

LyricsTraining is not for everyone, but it is a good tool for those who love music and want to learn Spanish free with the help of their favourite music artist.

Pros: Fun & entertaining

Cons: Have to pay for all features

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TOOL #4 – ReWord App


Learn Spanish Free - ReWord App

Learn Spanish Free – ReWord App

The ReWord App is a digital flashcard tool that can help you learn vocabulary fast. The app contains 5,000 words divided into thematical categories.  On top of this you can also add the new words you learn on a daily basis.

The app excels over traditional written flashcards because in addition to the word you also get images and example sentences. ReWord app works on the basis that when you see something visually and see the word being used in real life sentences it makes it easier to learn and recall.

The App features spaced repetition to learn at the highest efficiency. You can set goals and track your progress to help you along the way. The app works offline so you don’t need to be connected to the internet for it to work, which is great if you’re travelling in the amazon rainforest or simply and don’t have an internet plan. Lastly it has a dark theme for those who prefer their screen in night mode.

Pros: Best flashcard app available online

Cons: have to pay for more features

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TOOL #5 – Toucan


Learn Spanish Free - Toucan

Learn Spanish Free – Toucan

Toucan is an interesting chrome extension that can help you learn Spanish vocabulary free as you surf the web.

As you read any of the websites that you would on a normal daily basis, whether news, blogs, travel sites, Toucan actively replaces a small proportion of English words with their Spanish equivalent.

“Let’s pretend you are leyendo an article on a news website about pets. The articulo says that los gatos are much more intelligent than dogs. Cats however do nothing, they simply dormir all day whilst los perros like to run around and bark.”

As you can see its fairly easily to understand the words in Spanish when they are put in content like this. If you don’t know the meaning of the word you can simply hover over the word to get the translation.

The best part of Toucan is that you can learn Spanish for free whilst surfing any website that you would normally. Toucan also enhances your learning with quizzes and games based on the words that Toucan has shown you during the course of your surfing. The more you surf the more you progress through determined levels and Toucan awards achievements to keep you motivated.

Pro: Works with any website so you can surf and learn Spanish free at the same time, with no additional effort

Cons: Great for learning words but you still need to know grammar. Additional functions require a membership.

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– My Final Thoughts –

So that’s my summary of the best 5 tools to help learn Spanish free.

I always recommend these tools to my Spanish language students and they tell me that they really compliment their classes being able to see things from a different perspective. As I keep saying learning Spanish is about practice and repetition.

You can’t learn a language overnight but if you study hard and compliment your classes with these free tools then you will soon reach your goal of becoming fluent in Spanish.

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GET TO THE POINT! is perfect for:

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My students are always asking me for ways in which they can continue to practice Spanish outside of classes. In today’s blog post I want to share with you my top 5 tools to help you learn Spanish free.