Karol G & Becky G

Read the instructions for each activity. Keep in mind the activites are all related either with the lyrics or the video. 

Actividad 1

Review the following words to practice with them in activity 2.

Actividad 2

Choose the correct translation.

Actividad 3

Review the following words to practice with them in activity 4.

Actividad 4

Write the correct conjugation. 

Actividad 5

Write the correct translation. 

Actividad 6

Find out what’s the animal that Karol G compares to the guy in her song.

Write the answer and click the check button below (scroll down if you don’t see it)

Actividad 7

Let’s review some animal parts. 

Tap each box in turn to open them up and reveal the item inside. 

Actividad 8

Let’s review the irregular verbs for positive imperative.

Pop the ballons to drop each keyword onto its matching definition.

Actividad 9

Let’s practice the imperative.

Tap the matching answer to eliminate it. Repeat until all answers are gone.

Actividad 10

Click on the audio play buttons below (left normal speed / right slow speed), listen to the samples and type what you heard. Make sure the first letter is lower case.

Actividad 11

Watch the video and answer the questions that will appear. Keep in mind the questions are related with the video and not the song.

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