private lessons

with violeta Bernal

About my lessons

I teach both in person and online. My online lessons are pretty similar to my in person lessons. I use plenty of tools to make you feel as if we were in the same place and to make the class dynamic .

I have developed a methodology that has been proven in plenty of students who on average become fluent and are capable to have an immediate conversation in 50-60 hours of class.

I have presentations very well prepared to explain to you the theory then with different exercises and activities we’ll practice every subject you are learning.

I’m very efficient with my lessons and I don’t waste time teaching useless stuff or just vocabular and the lessons are customized to your necessities and interests.

Student Testimonials

Facebook Reviews

Read the review from my student over these more than 10 years of teaching full time

My Tiktoker Student

After 36 hours of class  Michael’s Gerber made his first youtube video in Spanish. Eventually he became tiktoker in Spanish and now has over 2M followers. @elsuizolatino

Tripadvisor Reviews

When you know Spanish you turn your trip into an adventure. 


Private lessons (one person): $35 usd per hour.

You can pay via paypal, venmo or credit card (at least 10 lessons)

Please text me on whatsapp to get the links. 

Payment for 10 lessons in advance.